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Quotes and Comments (updated May 4, 2008)

NEW/Old section (May 4, 2008) of QUOTES from CHRISTIAN translated by Googles Translate

From Elodie's blog: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg:

(Quotes (in blue)...comments (in black) by Christian, Phd psychologgy, 18 yrs abhyasi with Babuji, then Chari until 2006, then with RK Narayana's (Dr. Varadachari's son) ISRC)

From Babuji's Autobiography

Selected segments:

Everyone knows the writings of Babuji. The first volume of his autobiography was published during his lifetime and reports the events which have occurred between 1899 and 1932. Babuji was opposed to the publication of the continuation before his death. SRCMtm thus published a second book thereafter, a very reduced version of his autobiography. It is that one which we all know. S.P. Srivastava and the SRCM of Shahjahanpur also published another version, longer, comprising three volumes, between 1987 and 89.

Cri-cri delivered to us many extracts of this last version since last January. It appears important to to me that each one can take note of it. I thus allowed myself to gather all these quotations here, by favouring the chronological order over the thematic approach of Cri-cri. That gives a more "unstitched" character to the comments of Cri-cri - I hope that he will excuse me - but one thus finds the order of the original text.

I think that the entirety of the text is available from Navneet KUMAR Saxena, grandson of Babuji and current president of Shri RAM Chandra Mission of Shahjahanpur.

The quotations of Babuji are in blue and in italic, the comments are in black.


The autobiography of RAM Chandra that I currently read is published by the SRCM Shahjahanpur, i.e. by the Indian faction of the SRCM, and not by SRCMtm (California) of Chari.

As you will be able to discover in the part of the Introduction reproduced below, neither the autobiography published by SRCMtm, nor the autobiography published by the SRCM (Shahjahanpur) are complete. The first would correspond to approximately 20% of the manuscript of Babuji, the second to the remaining 80%. You will also see that the Chari faction acts since the beginning by applying principles contrary to the lesson of the Master. (Introduction, pp. xiii-xiv), and one thus should not be surprised at today's result (divisions).

I am currently in possession of 4 volumes - rare and obtained by the purest of chance, which correspond to Part I (1 volume) and Part II (3 volumes) of the autobiography. The end of the 4th volume evokes a project of publication of a Part III, which is perhaps the publication in progress by the Shahjahanpur faction. I am unaware if Part I comprises more than one volume. It seems to be sufficient in itself, although there is a 13 years vacuum in the journal entries between the first two volumes.

This absence of 13 years, between the death of Lalaji and the preparation of the creation of the Mission, is evoked in the “Leading article notes” of the second volume, that I also partially reproduced below by Babuji himself:

p 238
"The things went on. They grew subtler and subtler, and almost indescribable. Every subtle state was waiting for a yet subtler one. (...) By the method of the Master I found new life everyday. I do not know whether "life" will be an exact exposition of my condition. So the diary remained silent for years together."

It therefore seems that I am in the possession of the complete document for the Parts I and II:

Part I: early life, adult life, at the feet of the Master, Journal (1928 - 1932) - vol 1 1899-1932 (2nd Ed 1980 1500 copies)

Part 2: Instructions and spiritual lessons received from the Masters
- vol 1 : 1944 May/Sep (1st Ed 1987 3000 copies) - Preparation
- vol 2 : 1944 Oct - 1945 Mar (1st Ed 1988 3000 copies) - Declaration
- vol 3 : 1945 Apr - 1955 Jun (1st Ed 1989 2000 copies) - Contribution

SP Srivastava decided to publish it after Babuji's death, in reaction to that published by Chari. The hostilities were really open. He (SPS) had obviously received full authority on behalf of Babuji to make the necessary changes. At this point in time it was noticed that SRCMtm was in a rush to publish the initial unrevised version to make sure that it was indeed their property with the copyrights. The autobiography of SRCMtm must probably contain Part I volume 1 in its entirety, which was published before the death of Babuji, then it is incomplete for the continuation. It is seen that for Srivastava also there was to be only one single successor to babuji. It is interesting to read that the others try to harm to him, i.e. the family of Lalaji, Chathurbuj, Thakur Singhji, etc Yes, but thereafter, all the names were withdraw from the text and replaced by a code “letter-number” to avoid this very controversy. One thus never knows who acts, and it is a pity because one would have seen more clearly. I hope to soon have access to the complete unaltered document, if Babuji's family wants to communicate it to us for research.

THE QUOTES and COMMENTS (May 4, 2008)


Hello Elodie,

Below are excerpts from the politically incorrect part of Babuji's spiritual journal I had already sent you. I just regrouped and published them on my blog, should you also want to have them here, here they are.


Here are some excerpts and passages from Babuji's spiritual diary published by the SRCM Shahjahanpur (The Autobiography of Ram Chandra, Part II, Vol. 1, ed. 1987).

Each extract is an interconnections with Lalaji: Whether hallucinations or not is not the issue here.

I use these passages to show that the spiritual teachings of the SRCMtm, wether it was originally produced in the spirit (mind) of Babuji or through instructions received from his master, has deviated, that the doctrine established by Babuji's disciples is not always the teaching of Babuji, and what we determine as spiritually acceptable is the product of a myth and not a direct experience of reality.

1) p. 32: "A person with body is needed. Great personalities incarnate themselves like this; and incarnations themselves manifest in a body. I have merged in you with my entire powers, and am unravelling them by and by."

Chari is therefore right with his concept of a living master. Thus it is in sufism since forever.
The ISRC or SRCM Shahjahanpur or SRCM Kasturi who claim that the master is Babuji for all eternity should abandon the preceptorship as a basis for their system if they were cognisant of their beliefs, or accept a preceptor who is merged with God or with the Guru is a fundamental key of the system.

They do not do it on the one hand because an incarnated person is necessary to do the job, and secondly because there has probably been no merger.

Which of them can dare say that Babuji merged with them, as Babuji has claimed that Lalaji had merged with him?

The only one who has this gall is Chari, which probably makes him an arrant liar (why does he need a medium (French lady) to communicate with Babuji?).

Others merely give devotional service to Babuji as if he were still alive, transforming Sahaj Marg, defined by Babuji as a Raja Yoga, to a Bhakti Yoga.

2) p. 33: "You do not need to go to anybody for satsang. I do not like that the particles of transmission from other persons affect you."

The transmission, according to the SRCMtm, comes from the master and is therefore always absolutely pure.

But those differences depend on the person who transmits and Satsang can then be felt.

Any transmission is not good to take according to this text, and SRCMtm would do well to find a valid explanation.

I know, the explanation, it is called ignorance or lies.

3) p. 39: "My Master is the example of direct love to God, which occurred after a lot of progress in spirituality. I myself am the example of love to the medium (Master). Those who are inclined to monistic way of worship primarily find direct love to God suited for their disposition, while those who remain dependent on a mutual base, develop a nature of taking a concrete base, rooted deeply in every fibre and vein of their entire being. These latter derive benefit through the medium (Master) only. You give the method as you find the inclination in a person."

The love for the Master as the only possible path and the Master as the goal and purpose are dogmatic restrictions imposed by Chari and his henchmen for assert their power over the gullible masses.

According to this passage, the path is adapted to the inclinations of the practicing, but the goal is clearly god, with or without medium, and the goal is not the master.

Not everyone can love the Master, some prefer the direct connection to God.
That is probably what allowed Babuji to affirm that it is better to not have a master at all than to have a bad master.

The master is always perfect there for all eternity.

What does it mean to have faith, if not to have faith in God?

Is it putting oneself in an childish position, this dependency on an imposter?

4) p. 53: "If Master loves the disciple, then the Master is lover and the disciple is beloved; and if the disciple loves the Master, then he becomes lover and the Master is beloved. The relation is established in either case."

This sentence is crucial.

It demonstrates that what is important for a spiritual teaching is to establish a connection of love between the master and disciple.

It does not presuppose a directionality nor any condition on the disciple (remember that Chari said: Love has no requirements).

With 200,000 or 300,000 "disciples", Chari is obviously incapable of loving his disciples (though he claims to love everyone and all creation: I felt his love when I questioned -- -- All his blah blah can not pass the experimental tests, he is an Arab-Indian carpet merchant), then he creates the dogma so that the aspirants must love him, so in a sense, he is the only way .

This allows him to assert a little more his grip on the masses, in a very wily manner, and at less psychological cost.

Never mind, according to the text, it does not matter wether it is the master or the disciple who loves the other, what matters is that there is a lover and a loved for the transmission of teachings.

The lover can also be the disciple and the loved can be God.

5) p. 46: "The first form of self-forgetfulness (loosing oneself) is called 'heart-resolution'. This is the condition of freedom from the heaviness."

"The capacity for exercise of discriminative intelligence is enhanced when 'purification of the lower self' is achieved."

Further, it is stated that the "lower self" refers to the heart.

The "discriminating intelligence" among the abhyasis of the SRCMtm? ... And/or in France, where the poor electorate had to choose between Sarközy and Royal! Sh.t!

The discriminating intelligence is a spiritual realization of the first point, but discrimination is wrong, it would best be called confusion.

Confusion is a pathological mental state, and as a result of 'divide and rule' that any good government must apply, whether the system is the manipulative French system or the manipulative SRCMtm.

In the era of media and information control, it is difficult to see clear.

A very good challenge for the "discriminating intelligence".

6) p. 55: "If courage and will is applied for a proper purpose, it is not to be called egoism."

What is a "proper purpose"? It goes without saying that everything depends on one's point of view.

For an abhyasi of the SRCMtm, what we do on these blogs is an expression of our egos, and that is wrong.

For others, what Chari does is an expression of his ego to serve a very human goal to which Chari is subject since entering the mission.

What is selfishness, and how is it different from the expression of ego?

7) p. 47: "People prevailed upon me to get myself photographed. Now worship of photograph has started."

Send the Muslims to the SRCMtm , they will take care of this problem.

By the way, when they notice what the non-Muslims have done with their sufism, they will perhaps include these groups (SRCMtm) in their eccentric world purification program, funded by you and me (oil).

8) p. 52: "I do not want Toms, Dicks and Harrys, who are below the mark, to fill up our Association (Satsang)."
p. 53: "Persons below the mark should not be admitted."

Egads! Interesting, but so contrary to the current déviations: Racial discrimination, cultural, national, psychological and spiritual in a high-level spiritual master ...

Nothing to do with this theoretically irresponsible cover of the confused, silly and unreal, but so politically correct and commercial, this humanist must in these modern times, of universal love, that would be both purpose and evidence of spiritual achievement (though Chari is perfectly Indo - centered and discriminatory when it comes to entrusting power), which is more hypocrisy with which to have the manipulated and enslaved masses swallow the World Socialist pill.

The spiritual community according to Lalaji and Babuji is a closed club and is very select, and it is perfectly understandable why it can not be otherwise.

It was also limited, before Lalaji with Sufism "only to Muslims", and probably to the most mystical only.

With Lalaji, the club is open to non-Muslims but remains very select, as well as with Babuji.

With the imperialist, Chari, and his cohorts of UN World Socialists in the management of the biggest sectors of the population (with the association of these two organizations one can smell the sulphur): We are already being preparing for the post-Jihad with a religion capable of spiritual merger of all current religious in the same system of mind control. There was therefore an interest in this hold-up on Sahaj Marg, to alter it to suit the new purpose. It will become increasingly difficult to be a free spirit, the need to increase the numbers to spread and secure a position in future balance of power sends these restrictions from another time to the trash heap: We are all brothers and sisters, all living in the large village global, we all come from Africa, the master is universal, the system is open to all without discrimination of origin, colour, etc.., we are all equal, general orgy, pets (or divine grace) and champagne for all to celebrate one more environmental disaster (artificially induced alteration of the anthropological baseline of Peoples).

The price paid by SRCMtm for this new program is the teaching itself, and the system's ability to move people spiritually: The spiritual evolution of individuals is no longer the purpose of the SRCMtm, at best, it is perhaps a byproduct of a limited process, an occurrence that is not guaranteed to survive, even when the individual submits to the total service of 3M (remember: Love is not a " requirements").

9) p. 52: "The preceptors possessing permissions commit mistakes in their enthusiasm, without applying their intelligence."
"Someone else works in the sphere of Satsang, as a sample of idiocy (viz. S2): People introduced by him will remain dull."

The preceptors, these irresponsible tubes that open and close at the whim of necessity and the will of the Master, thus re-assuring the aspirant, that no matter what happens, it is the work of the master, are thus committing blunders?

When it is the master himself who says it, the one who is supposed to do all the work and thus ensure that no blunder is committed, what more can we add?

Those who still have doubts have something to think about, and among those who had no doubt about the issue, some would do well to use their discriminating intelligence (inevitably developed: When you have for master a divine incarnation in person. ..).

For those who have read these books, they could note that it is far from a swettened and mushy speech of a dis-incarnate Babuji sent currently to the world via the French Lady medium in Whispers from the Brighter World.

One can sometimes be shocked by what one reads.

I very much hope that these texts will be issued to the general public, it goes without saying that the SRCMtm only publishes pieces chosen to confirm its propaganda and establish a myth.

Lalaji and Babuji are sometimes very critical and discriminatory with their peers, to whom they apply punishment such as ruptures of spiritual initiation, exclusions, put out of business, focusing anger, and so on.

It is far from politically correct "criticism is anti-spiritual" or the very Christian "love and forgive one's neighbour", or the mythology of SRCMtm "the teacher is nothing but LOVE"

The masters of Sahaj Marg are very human, and it's good to know.


What Lalaji described in this intercommunication looks strangely like the process that led the SRCMtm to the current situation. We understand better where the problems come from.
(The Autobiography of Ram Chandra, Part II vol 3)

p 73 (17. 12. 1945)
"(the condition) is the merit of the Master: He structures as He likes whom He selects; His pleasure must have to be maintained, howoever possible. It is just this that counts in spirituality; all else is just book-keeping. I have also done just this: I maintained the pleasure of my Master to the extent of my capabilitiy; and it is just His Grace that this condition could be the fortune of this slave."

p 74
"(...) a very easy device for having Master's pleasure was discovered (monney). So the subject of 'come and bring' started functionning. Disciples enhanced the valuation further: the praise of the Guru started being preached like he had done in the case of his own Guru. Sure enough, the original sermon persisted in the memory; and to whomsoever the message had to be delivered, just this thing was communicated (...). Now the herd is assembled. 'Just see brother, what is the number on the list!' This is found out; and some estimate is formed from the collection of monney that the number is still short of the requirement for the fulfilment of their personal needs. Now, what is the position! The guide has forgotten spirituality; and remains worried just about this number of disciples and the amount of collections. The disciples had already listened to the sermon concerning Master's pleasure; and they remained yoked to their duty very sincerely and actively. Now anxiety is created further, viz. the disciples who have managed and maintained the Guru's pleasure, should also be kept pleased by the Guru, so that they would not run away (...).

Just this is the condition of the assembly of spiritual associates. Put it bare before them.
(...) O God, such things may never occur in my progeny; and if per chance, these would have crept in, these be washed away!"

Who said that we were not for Master and that we only express our egos of amoeba?


Some other passages.... "The Autobiography of Ram Chandra, Part II vol. 1" (SRCM Shahjahanpur, ed. 1987).

p. 85 "Intercommunication" de Lalaji à Babuji. "The symptoms for the destruction of a group of people have developped. They have framed such tendencies as are taken them downwards. The other group is far better than these. Your third or fourth generation will be assigned just this work; but he will not be able to complete the work in his lifetime. Thereafter a Special Personality shall emerge and complete this work. Materialism will increase."

Lalaji said that a new Special Personality will emerge, not in several centuries or millennia, but after the 3rd or 4th generation of successors to Babuji, to finish a job that the 3rd or 4th successor will have been assigned and will not able to finish during his lifetime. It has been read on the other hand, that the Special Personality was a novelty, almost unique and there would be no other before 1,000 years. The Babuji/Special Personality myth defended by some followers of Babuji is a fantasy: One of them is alive today. Everything depends on the need, therefore it is the system that decides, not Ram Chandra nor his disciples.

Babuji then has the vision of the main characteristics of this Personalité Special (not an intercommunication).

p. 86 "The Special Personality to come in future came to vision-bluish complexion, no beard, no moustache, healthy, stomach slightly bulging, short stature, dry-natured, no courtesies, preference for coarseness, having nothing to do with anything except bloodshed."

It can be anybody and according to this description, it seems that we are quite distant from a fawning "special personality". As he does not give any specifics on this point, it may be that he saw (in his dreams) an Indian male.

Then there is a passage which shows that teachers have a limited vision in managing their affairs (all the following passages are "interconnections"). One wonders how far one must trust them.

p. 91 "The degraded condition which has come to my society, would not have occurred anywhere else. I just wrench within. If matters continue like this, I will issue orders to you for total destruction."
"I should have structured my successor before giving permission to them. I now realize that mistake. I am withdrawing all permissions. (...) If somebody continues to impart training, that will mean, he is deceiving others. If he will still go on persisting, the result will be just reprehensible in the end. Remember, all of these arrangements by me are with a view to learning lessons by you, so that you do not repeat such mistakes. First fix your successor, then give permissions to impart training."

Failed. It seems that we can transfer that to the post-Babuji situation.

If Babuji thought he would live until 2006-2007, and if his life was "artificially shortened," there may have been no successor in sight.

The interest of the myth of the Special Personality is to maintain the situation as if Babuji was still alive although dead: There is therefore no vacancy to be filled and all the contenders who lusted for power are equal.

This is the ideal solution that set in place the small pack of contenders to position themselves with authority facing a shark, cf. Chari the imposter.

However, this solution brings other problems by fixing a dogma and covering the reality.

Babuji never wanted it, masters come to restore fluidity and access to truth and reality, not to develop new dogma or to cover the new reality with mental garbage.

p. 91 "It is better to have no disciples, than to have incapable disciples. I feel that you were right in thinking that not more than four to five persons be initiated: in fact there is no harm in keeping the number even less."

Is it not good to hear? 300,000 abhyasis ...

The reasons have already been discussed on blogs. The only possible structure that preserves the teaching is a high-level trainer with a very small group of abhyasis. The direct relationship is important.

p. 92 "A slave devoted to Master is one, whose guide is not capable, viz. unable to impart spiritual education properly, but is still structured as God by this disciple."
300'000 slaves.

p. 66 "Every representative has become a slave of his own will; and I have this complaint from everybody. If there is no head or supreme authority in a society, this defect creeps in."

Another problem is the choice of the supreme authority.
It must be illuminated to guide correctly.
Just as it is better not to have disciples than having incapable disciples, it is better to have no supreme authority than to have a bogus supreme authority.

p. 72 "One who strolls about the Brahmanda Mandal, having no approach any further, is called Brahmin. The higher status than that of these people, belongs to Maha Brahmin, whose limit of climbing is the Para Brahmanda Mandal. (...) In fact, both are in bondage. They cannot pull up anybody beyond their respective limits. This power belongs only to a saint, whose stage starts beyond that. He gets in touch with the air of the Real Being to a sufficient extent."

Concerning the Eating of MEAT

p. 80 "He should give up meat-eating. Permission for that can only be for you. (...) You have a lack of heat; so it may be useful to you."

There is no dogmatic prohibition. According to the text, eating meat alters the metabolism so that the system has more energy. The problem is that some aspects of nature are magnified, resulting in a change of conditions. Eating the meat may be useful to compensate for this lack of energy. It is therefore far from the current dogma.

p. 84 "Your nature has attained the sleeping state; I had, therefore, used the word 'inactive'. (...) God does not work. If you quieten your particles more, the same state will prevail; and this state for you, I want after your death."

What the Masters think of you

p. 92 "M5 has become a worldly person, having lost touch with spirituality. S5 is a better person, but is very gross. F1 has thoughts connected to Master, but there is upsetting in temperament: H2 is gross and useless. B7 is of uncouth temperament." etc.


"The Autobiography of Ram Chandra -- Part II, Vol. 3" (SRCM Shahjahanpur, 1st ed., 1989. 2000 copies).

p 11 (29.04.1945) Intercommunication by Lalaji
"(...) elders used to transmit to the heart; and then would take up the points of organic, cosmic, and beyond that, returning at the end to the points below the heart (...). In view of the changed times it is needed to take up these points also simultaneously."

The elders had transmission available and this is not an invention of Lalaji. They also had approaches that were higher than the organic and cosmic regions: Why would they have the ability to work on these areas without having the ability to position one another mutually also available to them, also through this work?

"I instruct that after cleaning the heart-plexus, these lower plexuses be taken up and cleansed thoroughly, but not brought to the state of awakening. After cleaning these the organic region be cleansed. Thereafter training be kept continued from the heart onward again, as the method already laid down traditionnally."

Babuji constantly receives instructions on the method and under the influence of this information produces a synthesis technique called Sahaj Marg.

There is much talk, as here, of ancestral techniques.

Why say that Lalaji and Babuji have invented on one hand, and on the other hand recognize the validity of intercommunication, when these interconnections claim that the former had already knowledge, method and access? (because: Babuji works directly under instructions from these interconnections: How does Chari?).

The method described in this paragraph is not that practised by the SRCMtm as prefects do not affect the points lower than the heart.

These issues should be cleansed and activated, it seems.

If they are only purified (or, as the SRCMtm not worked since it seems they are automatically assumed by the higher centres), the adept is delivered without the protection of the environmental pressures and of his own internal pressures.

Progress is thus made virtually nil because these pressures oppose each other mechanically.

The spiritual structure of the individual obtained with a method that does not support the lower centers from the outset is that of a tree without roots, and ... without autonomy (it seems, autonomy produces monsters of the Ravana type ... one is confident that some Ravana would cause some damage to all these hypocrites by exposing them for what they are: "bleached tombs" (Biblical reference) of the kind that existed 2,000 years ago).

p 21 (20.05.1945) Intercommunication by S. Vivekananda
"As you are to have a registered body 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission', call a meeting of the persons who are to be the members of this body to start with. (...) The body will be called 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P. - India)'".

Very probably the proof of one more lie: The name 'SRCM' is not given by Babuji with the name of his master to honour him, as we are told in the historical myth of the SRCMtm, but is given by "Vivekananda", and very clearly with the name of Babuji ( "You are to have a registered body" + " 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur" and not Fatehgahr. It is nowhere written that this organization must be founded in memory of Lalaji in the text that I read. moreover, in the context Babuji is invited to base this mission for main street. This idea / intercom comes after visiting the ashrams of the Shri RamaKrishna Mission, whose emblem is similar to that of the SRCM).

The SRCM was founded by 'Babuji' and named by "him" with his own name.

The roots of the Cult of the Personality are already there in 1945 and before (and think of all these supreme souls who do not stop "incensing" with praise, while in the beginning of his journal, he saw himself as a shit: A defence tactic? And why one or the other assumptions (intercommunication, delirium)? And why not both?).

Then we could always argue that Babuji had 'accidentally' the same name as his master and that it was not narcissism as the emblem states "In memory ...".

This is the same sleight of hand when one means "god" and "guru" with the same term "master".
God is a creation of man, and religion, a creation of God: It takes a master and a disciple to get the god-man at the root of religions.

What is the purpose of religions, because they have a purpose other than to avoid going to hell and going to paradise?

Except to reconnect the world of demons and angels to the biological reality, it is not possible to understand, but the story becomes transparent when it comes back to this vital reality. Men like Hitler had understood this.

p 30 (08.06.1945) Int. S. Vivekananda
"You have not to live long in this world."
Failed. What is the value of the predictions of these disincarnate "messengers"?

p 34 (13.06.1945) Int. S. Vivekananda
"The time is fast approaching when your supremacy will be establish everywhere."

300'000 abhyasis 60 years later, vs. many billions of Christians et Muslims.
Pathological Megalomania?

p 35 (13.06.1945) Int. Lalaji
"The real way is the 'easy way' (Sahaj Marga). The nomenclature somehow does not appear quite good to pronouce."

Sahaj Marg was born a June 13, 1945, and that is' Lalaji 'who chose the name of the baby.
The translation from English is not 'natural way', but 'easy way'.

p 35 (15.06.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"Registration must take place. All the rules of this society must be put before me."

p 36 (18.06.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"You are starting a new religion, destined to be that by the Grace of the Governing Agency."

The 'Governing Agency'...
Another lie: Sahaj Marg is indeed a religion, not new spirituality superior to the others.

It was so in the spirit of the designer of this movement from the outset wether the designer is Vivekananda or Babuji or the 'Governing Agency.

So the current pitch is a pipe dream.
The SRCMtm can no longer hide that it is a religion: It has just actualised the project that was already there in 1945.

Who has first prophesied the end of religions?

p 37 (19.06.1945) Int. Lalaji
"Does anybody have the courage to be prepared to undertake such a hard course of spiritual training? The necessary conditions are that for twenty five years celibacy is to be observed strictly and an attempt to develop a strong body is to be made. Then one should lead a life as a householder. After begetting children, the relationship of husband and wife is to be maintained for some time in accordance with the standard scriptural injunctions. The practice and meditation etc. should also be continued during this period, but health should be a matter of care and concern at each step. Upto the age of 40 years, maximum effort is to be devoted to becoming an adept in the science/discipline of Divine Presence. At the outset of the fourty first year, life as a householder is to be renounced, and one should start living at the place of the guide and no other relashionship except this is to be retained."

And one more lie that unfolds: Sahaj Marg is not a way for people leading a family life, but for those who have already led a family life (or not).

It goes without saying that given the demands of a spiritual life, it is incompatible with modern family life, and the life plan described by Lalaji demonstrates it. One phase is designed to establish the vitality of the body, then laying the groundwork for the future spiritual life when the duty of procreation is done for the preservation of the species (that Westerners made neurotic and disconnected from reality and tend to forget or are unwilling to do any more: The kids, it is boring and expensive. So they replace them with Africans, Arabs, Mexicans, Chinese and Indians - all equal and not by generosity, but to feed the "modern slavery". While the West is lost in the ideological melting pot and subordinate to the desire of enjoying ever more cheaply, Africa remains Africa, China Chinese, India Indian, and so on. Remember: that last one out, shuts off the lights, and there will be no reincarnation that can never compensate for what humanity has lost, as reincarnation passes through the cells).

Then, renunciation is necessary in order to devote oneself entirely to the Art of the Divine Presence, this special way of being in the world.

It is unclear what happens to women and children while the husband's leaves to live with his lover the guru (it'll please Chari that we speak of spiritual homosexuality - I jest).

The modern myth propagated by the SRCMtm shifts the emphasis from the sacrifices necessary for a spiritual life, to the ease and naturalness of the path.

The end justifies the means: At this stage, it takes numbers, and you will always find a way to go back later, possibly through a buddy-buddy with the enemy of today, or repumping right and left what is necessary, what has been lost or what was never possessed, for example via the web, the war of the websites and the blogs.

p 40 (25.06.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"You really brought forth a new religion. It is the starting point which nobody can imagine yet."

You have been misled into believing that religion was evil, while the spirituality of SRCM is a must?

The SRCMtm is also a religion and is written in the politically incorrect journal of Babuji.

p 41 (08.07.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"The religion you discovered is quite a new one. You have changed it altogether. Its development will take time. There is a great difficulty in the way, viz. the people who come to you do not want to put in their labour. This is to say that only you will work."

Here we see what are the limits of this new religion: It depends on the work of Babuji (living).

Since human limitations are just that, mathematically this implies that (1) the number of followers is limited so that as their spiritual quality is enhanced by the work of master, (2) is that their number is growing at the expense of their spiritual quality.

This is a new sleight of hand has been established: The preceptorship.
Too bad.

Impact: The new religion can develop only at the cost of the spirituality that created it.

It is the process that they have all known.

Preceptorship and priesthood, even combat: This new religion did not, to my knowledge, find ways to solve this problem. The ISRC risk of skidding at any moment, this depends solely on the leader.

The managers of the SRCMtm attempt to reassure themselvce of the fanaticism and activism of the followers (the service to 3M), and it is hard to see what is new because the patterns are always the same.

p 42 (09.07.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"(...) and now take yourself as an example of starting a new religion. Really speaking, you have dissolved all the religions into one (...)."


To convince onself, on has but to look at the distribution of practitioners in the existing religions, and compare them to the figures of the SRCMtm (Chennai) or Shahjahanpur and derivative movements.

All religions are dissolved into Sahaj Marga, of course. (sarcasm)

It is from elements like this that one can say that sometimes "some" swim in delirium.

At the risk of offending the sensibilities, the question must be asked: Are these delusions necessary for spirituality.

It is understandable why Babuji did not want to, as Reddy said, that his diaries be published during his lifetime: They were going to expose him. Expose what?

p 47 (25.07.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"You are representing me; and the way is the Sahaj Marga."

And Lalaji?

They had sold us on the scam of a spiritual succession from Lalaji to Babuji. Simplistic.

p 48 (29.07.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"Your position as a President of the Mission is only nominal. I am working in your form at present. The same system will go on in the case of every President following you. The post is very important; and not open to everybody."

Important: 'Vivekananda' does not specify that the Presidency should be ensured by the biological offspring of Babuji ( "in the case of every President following you," instead of "in the case of your heir after you").

"In the case of the Mission work, I am the authority. The rest depends on your Master, who has bestowed this authority on me."

Initially, we would have a very clear presidential power in connection with Vivekananda, and a spiritual power under the tutelage of Lalaji.

But the Babuji family pretends to be the legacy of the Presidency by biological parentage when it is a spiritual filiation governed by Vivekananda.

p 51 (17.08.1945) Int. Lalaji
"There should be no consideration of age in a spiritual organization. (...) There is to be no question of high and low."

p 54 (23.08.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"If malfunctionning, prevailing in your society, is not removed, you will be called upon to submit an explanation. Responsibilities lies on your shoulders. By 'malfunctionning' I mean everything against the laws of Nature."

p 55 (26.08.1945)
"Instructions from Swami Vivekananda Ji concerning the emblem of the SRC Mission: [describes the emblem]."

In what is written, Vivekananda gives no information about the words "in memory of ... Fatehgarh (UP)", or for a swastika emblem.

Babuji was able to notice that there was an ambiguity of identity between him and his master (Ram Chandra, Shri Ram Chandra Mission), and feel obliged to correct this by adding the words "in memoriam ...". The result is that it has actually strengthened the ambiguity.

On the swastika, one is in August 1945, the Hitlerian regime has been destroyed by the Allies for World Freedom and the greatness of the Indo-European mythology which formed Nazism could have inspire Babuji, usually fascinated supremacy and absolute terms, insofar as it concerns some of the Indians.

(27.08.1945) Int. Lalaji
"The method of merging in Zaat is simple and easy. It has been discovered quite well. One method is to get merged into one's guide; and the other is to have connection with and merging into Zaat directly. (...) Direct mergence into Zaat is something very fine if possible to achieve (...)."

Hence, Babuji did not "invent" this ultimate technique of fusion with God.

Lalaji forgets to mention the reverse process: When Zaat cancels the individual without warning.
Zaat can go to and fro as it wants, it is at home everywhere.

Some things do not depend on the individual but on the system.

p 62 (19.10.1945) Int. Lalaji
"Everyone is to be considered as God's creation; and He is to be as Master of all."

Traduction: No Masters. Only servants. (notice the He (male) to refer to God)

p 65 (06.11.1945) Int. Lalaji
"The start of this system, viz. Sahaj Marga, has come with dear Ram Chandra."

Babuji has repumped what already existed to make a synthesis.

Super-job, but a synthesis: For future generations, restore the historical truth.
The followers of Babuji had the reverence for him and the synthesis work he has done is remarkable, including many contributions, thought almost all come from these interconnections (with deceased).

The next generation of aspirants, who have not seen nor had knowledge of Babuji's processes upstream, arrive at an established fantasy, an imaginary which is primarily that of the disciples.
It integrates it as a historical truth without questioning (religious origins), and contributes to institutionalize it (religion).

Sentiments should not be crystaliser on the path and block it or distort the facts.
The goal is not to have one more Cult of a Personality, but to provide humanity the means for its self(or God) -realization, namely the concepts and techniques.

In sombering into a silly and irresponsible devotionalism promoted by individuals who are more or less honest with themselves, more or less limited intellectually, even spiritually, it is access to the spiritual responsibility of future generations which is challenged.

It is imperative that we are "guarantors" of such an access.



Peter said...

Very Interesting. Rev. Moon is the Divine Personality. Sahaj Marg spirit world pushed me to Rev. Moon, the higher teacher, already in 1974. As Ram Chandra said, "It is the duty of any good teacher to push their student to the higher level teacher." Do you know Rama Krishnan, Dave Bolevice, Jim Metz, Dan Neary, Lucy Delatori by any chance? Anyway, Rama was my preceptor at RPI, Troy NY in 1973-74. Before I left for my Unification Church workshop at the end of that school year, I visited Rama. He told me I wasn't coming back, and proceeded to make a list of all the preceptors in Canada and America, with their phone numbers, and gave it to me. He said he didn't know why he was giving it to me, but only that the Master was directing him to do so. He told me that I had a special connection with the Master, that he didn't know what it was, but he was telling me that I had it. The Real Master of course is Heavenly Father.
Check out my Unification of Religions based on Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagrams:

in which I quote Ram Chandra, Vivekananda who are working with me from the spirit world...(probably working with you too) and of course Rev. Sun Myung Moon... the Messiah, Matreya Buddha, Madhi, etc.

4d-Don said...

Hi Peter...

No I don't know the people you mention...

Your "Unification of Religions" is very interesting... Michael who was also an abhyasi and a preceptor has a site on-line and has done the same "unification" from the "Christian/shahman/hindu perspective and has created similar diagrams ...

I believe he was in the "Boston" area ...

He may know these folks and you may know him..

Thanks for the comments...

Live long and prosper... nanu nanu... ;-))

Don ...